Sunday, August 22, 2010

Show and Seven Inch

The Flywheel Arts Collective was a space that existed for a while in East Hampton, MA. It ran into funding trouble awhile back and had to close its doors temporarily but is now reopen! You can learn more here. We're happy to be playing a show at this embattled Art Space in October. Also, our Seven Inch, called "Slump", is in the production stage. It is being released by Katorga Works and the newly formed Hesitation Wound based out of D.C. Release information can be found at

8/8/10 Flywheel Arts Collective 43 Maine St. Easthampton, MA.
w/ Veloz (members of Furnace, probably expect a similar sound), Vaccine (topical fast hardcore), Host (ripping NH d-beat, fucking awesome) and Natural Law.

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