Monday, October 17, 2011

An New Song

We recorded successfully on Saturday and are able now to show off a new song; check it out!

Natural Law - First Against the Wall by Katorga Works

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Nail that Sticks Up... Goes on Tour

It has been some time indeed since the last time this blog was utilized. At that time, reference was made to our having plans for an LP in the future. Well, the causal chain has unraveled itself through the weeks and months of 2011 and we have found ourselves, inevitably I believe, very near to October 15; the day on which we will enter Dead Air Studio under the watchful guidance of Will Dandy to record our first, and likely only, full-length record.

Backing us logistically and financially will be two record labels of some renown, Deranged and Katorga Works. Look to them for news of availability.

May we collectively add that we are immensely excited for these songs to be laid to proverbial tape and are proud of what we've crafted. We hope you'll enjoy the songs as well.

By the way, your best and most immediate upcoming chances to experience aforementioned songs and purchase aforementioned LP is by attending one of the following Natural Law shows played with the... notoriously inactive CREEM:

  • December 27 in Pittsburgh, PA @ The Roboto Project w/ Hounds of Hate
  • December 28th in Columbus, OH @ The Legion of Doom w/ TBA
  • December 29th in Lexington, KY @ TBA w/ TBA
  • December 30th in Indianapolis, IN @ TBA w/ Picked Clean and a James Downing band.
  • December 31st in Milwaukee, WI @ TBA w/ a brand new year's arrival to celebrate!
  • January 1st in Chicago, IL @ TBA w/ No Statik!
  • January 2nd in TBA, MI @ TBA w/ TBA
  • January 3rd in Toronto, ON @ TBA w/ TBA
  • January 4th in Montreal, QC @ TBA w/ TBA
  • January 5th in Portland, ME @ TBA w/ Grist Mill and, perhaps, Brainkiller and Hoax!
  • January 6th in Boston, MA @ TBA w/ TBA
We will also be playing on the 28th of this month at Tommy's Tavern in Brooklyn. 

More updates soon and remember what it's all about; the resistance of the mind to the supremacy of money.